Proven in a Court of Law

The attorneys from the Houghton Delaney PC have appeared in courts on behalf of clients, successfully handling their cases from Bergen County to Ocean County, handling jury and non-jury cases.  Katherine and her team have a reputation for leaving her clients with a strong sense of lasting satisfaction, as well as a greater understanding of how to navigate the legal system.  Since 1983, Katherine has represented clients who have returned on a regular basis for the very familiar legal matters facing NJ residents’ in their every day lives.  From settling insurance claims from car accidents and other accidents, to buying their dream home or selling their old one, from drafting a complex or simple will, trust, living will, or power of attorney, to advising the most efficient way to distribute their assets to their children and grandchildren, to probating their parents’ estates, to crafting settlement agreements in family matters, Katherine G. Houghton has represented as many as three generations of the same families for over thirty seven (37+) years.  Clients seek out Katherine because of her genuine concern for her family of clients.  She is always there to help and willing to personally attend to their legal concerns.  Just see our clients’ testimonials.  It is why they return for all their legal needs throughout their lives.  We treat them with respect and fairness and they reciprocate, making for a lasting relationship transcending generations.