Construction Personal Injury Accidents

Residential and Commercial construction are among two of the most dangerous industries for employment. Work conditions are rife with the possibility of personal injury or death from faulty or defective equipment, falls, unreliable safety gear, chemical spills and leaks, electrocution, explosions, and judgment errors. By assisting hundreds of tradesmen, when you’re injured at work, we understand the pain and suffering you and your family deal with.

For victims, the complexities of construction accidents can be overwhelming. When you’re unable to work and in pain, it’s even worse. Don’t’ worry. We can help.

With nearly three decades of handling New Jersey Personal Injury Construction Accidents, we can determine the responsible parties to pursue, seeking full compensation for your accident. Whether construction managers, general contractors, subcontractors, engineers, property owners, utility companies or government entities, we will isolate the liable parties and fight for your rights. They have attorneys, why don’t you?

We handle all construction accident cases such as:

  • Collapsing Walls
  • Construction Product Defects
  • Crane Accidents
  • Electrical Accidents
  • Falling Accidents
  • Highway Construction
  • Ladder Accidents
  • Roofing and Decking Accidents
  • Scaffolding Accidents
  • Trenching Accidents

If you or a family member were injured in a residential or commercial construction accident in New Jersey, contact The Law Offices of Katherine G. Houghton. Our law office will handle the litigation, seeking full compensation for your personal injury, while you recover.