New Jersey Paternity Attorney

The importance of determining a child’s father is immeasurable. Genetics and heredity alone can help the child later in life if the family in question is prone to a particular ailment such as heart disease or prostate cancer. But typically, at the onset of a child’s life the most concerning factors are financial. In most instances, children cannot have the life they deserve on the wages of one parent.

In the past, mothers were left to care for children if the father would not provide.

Times Have Changed

A mother is no longer solely responsible for a child; likewise, a father has the right to a child if the mother will not acknowledge him as the father.

When a parent-child relationship is in dispute, often the next step is a paternity action. Before DNA testing courts primary relied on evidence as to whether the mother and the putative father had physical access to one another. Today, if a biological father is in question, we can help you obtain a court order to conduct a paternity test. The results are based purely on DNA and are often 99% accurate. In cases of exclusion (excluding the possibility of an individual as the father) the results are 100% accurate.

The Offices of Katherine G. Houghton has helped numerous men and women establish the legal paternity of their children and obtain parental rights. Whether the mother is pregnant or the child is in high school, we can help.

Most of our paternity clients fall within one of the following categories.

  • Expecting mothers pursuing child support
  • Mothers of a child or children already born seeking child support
  • Men named in paternity actions
  • Fathers wanting to secure custody and/or visitation rights
  • Husbands that suspect a child is not theirs and would like help determining responsibility

If you or someone you know has a paternity issue, please contact The Law Offices of Katherine G. Houghton today. Our seasoned legal team can provide you with knowledge, support, and the aggressive legal representation you need.