$335,000 Settlement, Pedestrian Auto Accident
A pedestrian woman in her 50’s sustained head injuries after being struck by a car whose driver ran a red light. (2010)

$50,000 Settlement, Motor Vehicle Accident
A 58 year old woman, a bus passenger, fell inside the bus when the driver negligently stopped short, resulting in aggravation of pre-existing hip arthritis. (2010)

$295,000 Settlement, Auto Accident
A pedestrian woman in her 80’s was struck on a sidewalk by a car, resulting in a fractured pelvis, preventing her from caring for her ailing husband. (2010)

$700,000 Settlement, Fall Down
A 60 year old woman fell over construction debris, causing need for total knee replacement surgery. (2009)

$1 Million Settlement, Slip and Fall
A 35 year old woman slipped and fell in an icy parking lot, resulting in a severe sprain of wrist, snowballing into severe reflex sympathetic dystrophy and surgical implantation of a morphine pump for chronic pain.

$157,000 Settlement, Commercial Litigation
Settlement for contract damages for exclusive distributor of candy against manufacturer who tried to distribute to contacts directly in breach of oral contract.

$300,000 Settlement, Dog Bite
Settlement for damages for a 16 year old girl who lost the tip of her nose when bitten by a pit bull. (2010)

$1.2 Million Settlement, Disputed Auto Negligence
Settlement for $1.25 million (maximum policy limits) for disputed auto negligence case for a woman (plaintiff) who hit another car in the rear on an icy, snowy day, at a red light. As plaintiff exited her car to inspect for front end damage, the other car drove off – and defendant driver hit plaintiff’s open driver’s door which hit her in the back, permanently injuring her lumbar spine leaving her as a paraparetic in a wheel chair.

$20,000 Settlement, Dog Bite
Settlement for a 16 year old girl with scar on her lip resulting from a dog bite.

$310,000 Settlement, Slip and Fall
A 77 year old limo driver with a pre-existing disability of a partially amputated right leg slipped and fell on black ice on the walkway of a residence, fracturing his left hip. Medical treatment included two hip surgeries.

$55,000 Settlement, Civil Suit for Money Damages
A 32 year old male sustained a fractured jaw by a bouncer at a gentleman’s club for swearing; he had just arrived, no drinking alleged.

$55,000 Settlement, Fall Down
A 66 year old woman fell in a hazard at a golf course made up of rocks and boulders without proper GUR warning, causing fractured upper arm.

$101,490, Jury Verdict, Dram Shop Case
Jury verdict for property damages against a tavern that sold minors a case of beer out the back door, after which they consumed the beer and in their drunken state accidentally burned down greenhouses with plant stock.

$1 Million Settlement, Commercial Litigation
Contract damages against a subcontractor who applied defective yellow substance to Christmas trees to be flocked in white.

$100,000 Jury Verdict, Auto Accident
Verdict for woman suffering from dental injuries and TMJ after being rear ended by a drunk driver.

$100,000 Jury Verdict, $90,000 Compensatory Damages and $10,000 Punitive Damages
Jury verdict for a man who suffered hearing loss when a co-worker intentionally threw a matt of firecrackers near his ear while he was napping during lunch hour.

$45,000 Settlement, Slip and Fall
A 62 year old woman fell down steps inside a Poconos dinner theater, resulting in a fractured wrist with nerve damage.

$135,000 Jury Verdict, Fall Down
A 65 year old woman fell through a fell in unprotected disguised construction hole, leaving her with a closed head injury and Meniere’s disease.

$1.2 Million Awarded in Bench Trial (Judge’s verdict – no jury)
A Judge’s verdict invalidated a deed transfer worth over $1.2 million where daughter hired her own attorney to have her medicated mother transfer the deed to her valuable house to herself.

$250,000 Settlement, Slip and Fall
A 45 year old woman slipped and fell in debris in food store, causing need for total knee replacement.

$150,000 Settlement, Slip and Fall
A 48 year old male slipped and fell on ice in commercial parking lot, causing bimalleolar fractured ankle.