New Jersey Marital Separations Attorney

Not sure if you want to divorce, but want to protect your interests? A Marital separation may be the answer.

Marital separations have many similarities to divorce with one primary difference. A separation alone cannot put an end to your marriage. But like a divorce, the division of assets, debt, child custody and child support are addressed. Through a legal separation agreement filed with the court, we outline the rights and responsibilities of each partner while you live apart.

If at anytime during the separation you and/or your spouse desire to file for divorce, the legal separation agreement often carries over to your divorce case. It’s highly recommended that clients view the marital separation agreement as long term.  If this were a final divorce, would you be satisfied with the terms?

If you are interested in separating from your spouse or would like more information on New Jersey divorce laws, please contact us to speak with our marital separation attorney at The Law Offices of Katherine G. Houghton. Our legal experts can evaluate your situation and determine how best to protect and maximize your legal interests.