Paramus Divorce Lawyer

With fifty percent of marriages ending in divorce, our country has the highest divorce rate in the world. Regardless of how common, it’s not easy for those involved, it’s quite possibly one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. The outcome can dictate many aspects of your future for decades to come. From the loss of child custody to the devastation of your finances, you need an aggressive advocate as your divorce attorney.

At The Law Offices of Katherine G. Houghton, we understand the pain and uncertainty that can accompany your case. With over 27 years of divorce law experience in Paramus, New Jersey, our firm has handled hundreds of cases just like yours.

Divorce and Marital Property Lawyers

When you married your spouse the two of you entered into an economic contract. Everything acquired during your marriage is property of both partners, regardless of whose money was used to purchase the item or name on the title. Clients often ask, “Who gets what?”

New Jersey follows an equitable distribution law. The state provides 15 factors when determining the “fairness” of distributing each asset.

  1. The duration of the marriage
  2. The age, physical and emotional health of the parties
  3. The income or property brought to the marriage by each party
  4. The standard of living during the marriage
  5. Any written agreement made by the parties before or during the marriage concerning an arrangement of property division
  6. The economic circumstances of each party at the time the division of property becomes effective
  7. The income and earning capacity of each party, including educational background, training, employment skills, work experience, length of absence from the job market, custodial responsibilities for children, and the time and expense necessary to acquire sufficient education or training to enable the party to become self-supporting at a standard of living reasonably comparable to that enjoyed during the marriage
  8. The contribution by each party to the education, training or earning power of the other
  9. The contribution of each party to the acquisition, dissipation, preservation, depreciation or appreciation in the amount or value of the marital property, as well as the contribution of a party as a homemaker
  10. The tax consequences of the proposed distribution to each party
  11. The present value of the property
  12. The need of a parent who has physical custody of a child to own or occupy the marital residence and to use or own the household effects
  13. The debts and liabilities of the parties
  14. The need for creation, now or in the future, of a trust fund to secure reasonably foreseeable medical or educational costs for a spouse or children
  15. The extent to which a party deferred achieving their career goals

Plus any other factor that the court may deem relevant.

Either spouse in the relationship can be awarded as much as 100% to as little as 0%. Having an experienced and aggressive attorney is paramount to get what you rightfully deserve.

If you, a family member, or someone you love is considering divorce, contact an experienced New Jersey Divorce Attorney at The Law Offices of Katherine G. Houghton today to protect your rights and maximize your interests. We understand the pain, anger and frustration that can accompany a divorce. And we know what’s at stake.